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Autumn Smart Watch

Autumn Smart Watch

Autumn Logo - designed by Jon Ogborne

The Autumn smart watch is a simple smart watch that almost anyone can build using off the shelf products that one can easily purchase off eBay.If you want to know how, check out my second blog Click here .Although in this blog you will see custom made PCB, Its individual components can be purchased and assembled similarly.The idea is that it is simple enough that anyone can build, but polished enough that people will actually wear it. Presenting the Autumn smart watch.


Notification viewer

The purpose if this is the same as most smart watches. When your phone receives notification, it will be displayed on the watch. The watch can either notify you via its vibration motor, or through flashing its LED flash light. This Watch Works with Apple with Minimal Setup procedure. An android version is still in development.

Ease of programming 

Unlike many out there, this was designed so that it can be reprogrammed anytime using any micro USB cable and a laptop that runs the arduino IDE. The main processor is the AtMega32u4 by Atmel and operates at 16 Mhz. 

Tilt to on and auto shutdown

The watch has a built in tilt switch that turns the main processor on. This method is used to conserve battery. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the watch auto shuts down. This can be disabled or modified easily. 

Notification powers on

When the processor is switched off, the Bluetooth Low energy is still listening for notification. When a notification is received, the processor is automatically switched on, and displays the current message. The processor is not put to sleep, but actually turned off, however, this can be changed from the code.

Mode Detection

The watch detects when you plug it to the computer and shows up as USB Mode. The watch also detects charging Mode.

Charging Circuit built in

For safety, a lithium polymer charging and protection circuit is built in to the watch to prevent over charging.

Battery Monitoring

The watch monitors the battery voltage and displays it on the screen. Once the battery falls bellow a certain voltage, the watch prompts the user to recharge. If it falls bellow its minimum voltage, the watch auto shuts down.

Temperature readings 

The watch displays the atmospheric temperature.

Battery Life

Battery life is very important for a watch and i have put my very best in to ensuring maximum battery life. The watch uses a 300 mah  Lithium polymer battery that lasts 7 hours with the screen turned on all the time, roughly 30 hours with the bluetooth constantly listening for notifications and turning the watch on for 10 seconds every hour. When in semi sleep mode, the watch can last for 500 hours. In full sleep mode, the watch can last for 50,000 hours. These numbers are from measurements and has not been tested over the duration mentioned other than the 7 hours and 30 hours battery life.


The cost to build one of these smart watches is roughly 40 pounds if you custom build all the parts in the UK, 25 pounds if you purchase modules off eBay( which was what i did initially). To manufacture this in the UK is very expensive as components cost 1000% more compared to suppliers from china, but this way, i know quality is guaranteed.

Alternative Packaging

The chunky design is not for everyone, and some might prefer a smaller version with the trade off of battery life and screen size.

Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours uses the exact same schematics as the original autumn watch with the difference being a smaller bluetooth chip, smaller screen, and a smaller battery. But this is a smaller form factor to those who are interested

You can choose which watch you like that suits you best whether you are suiting up, or running about.

Why Autumn?

Autumn is named after my mother who has been a big inspiration in my life. She did not inspire me to be an engineer, rather she inspired me to share and to teach others with the same enthusiasm that inspired us. In the spirit and ethos of this, the Autumn Smart watch will be available to those who attend the Autumn smart watch workshop which will be held in Bristol during (you guessed it) Autumn 2015.

This watch was designed to get kids interested in electronics and to prove to them they can create a smart watch like this if they desire. I will be facilitating this workshop myself together with others who share the same vision as me. This workshop will be free to attend and potentially participants can keep the smart watch they have customised once i find a way around it.

For those of you who are interested but cannot attend, don't worry. I gained so much from the open source community that this is my contribution to them. Both software and hardware files will be available for free with the condition that credit is given where needed. Once the code has been cleaned up and properly commented, i will release it on GitHub where you can clone it and manufacture it on your own.


Watch Face


Flappy Bird

You can write your own games or apps for this watch. This was my attempt at making Flappy birds. Its very nerdy, but hey, nerds are cool. 

Autumn V2.1

Autumn Watch Notification

The code for this can be improved further.

Those who are interested this is where it will be hosted

See you this Autumn!

Desmond The Moon Bear

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